What's MaiTai?
We support ocean wildlife conservation efforts through kite camps for entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes.

MaiTai started among a few friends of Susi Mai & Bill Tai kitesurfing and staying at Ken Goldman's vacation home. With the exponential growth of the gatherings, MaiTai saw an opportunity to create a platform to promote & address environmental issues related to our playground – our oceans.

MaiTai in the Press

Bill Tai & Susi Mai at LeWeb Paris 2012 Dec 5, 2012

Bill Tai, Angel Investor, Venture Captialist & Kiteboarding Athlete & Susi Mai, Pro Kiteboarder present MaiTai to an enthusiastic LeWeb 2012 audience.

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Kiteboarding Techies Generate $7 Billion In Market Value Dec 7, 2011

Kiteboarding techies in Silicon Valley are seeing big returns. Those who attend the annual MaiTai Kite Camp in Maui, started by Charles River Ventures' Partner Bill Tai and professional kiteboarder Susi Mai, have seen more than $7 billion in exits over the past two years...

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Is MaiTai the beginnings of a new TED? May 23, 2012

...There are connections running deep between entrepreneurship and kiting, even before MaiTai, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is a big enthusiast of the sport and MaiTai co-founder Susi Mai organizes an annual kiteboarding camp (BVI Kite Jam) taking kiters to Branson’s Necker Island every year...

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Big Air, Big Sponsors, and Big Tech Product... May 29, 2012

I have now figured out why Silicon Valley is obsessed with kiteboarding, and it only took me four years. I was so incredibly scared of the sport when first introduced to it, that I didn't truly embrace the experience of learning it. Go figure...

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Tech entrepreneurs flock to 'Kite Camp' May 18, 2011

...The fifth annual Mai Tai Kite Camp is a gathering of entrepreneurs, athletes and venture capitalists who meet in Maui to share their love of kite surfing, technology and start-up businesses. For tech entrepreneurs, kite surfing is the new golf...

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Want a VC deal? Go fly a kiteboard May 7, 2008

...For the uneducated (that's the rest of us), kiteboarding (or kite surfing) is the trendiest adrenaline-junkie sport among Valley venture capitalists and high-tech entrepreneurs. In fact, mention you're an amateur at a technology social function, and it could provide an entree to a conversation with the kite-savvy Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Second Life's Philip Rosedale...

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Bill Tai: The Kite Guy of Silicon Valley Oct 2009

Like many kiteboarders out there, Bill Tai is passionate about the sport. He was one of the early regulars at Third Avenue in San Francisco Bay, a spot famous for its proximity to Silicon Valley...

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MaiTai Kite Camp 2008 Hits Maui 2008

Adrenaline junkies from Silicon Valley meet their kiting brethren at Kite Beach, Maui for a week of networking, kiting and shared experiences...

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