MaiTai has had a fortunate stroke of serendipity throughout the years. Bringing together some of the world’s top thinkers to form new partnerships, projects and initiatives that can make a difference in the world.  

From that serendipity, MaiTai has branched out into several different Sub-Events using resources and fueling collaborations from individuals passionate about the community to create some pretty phenomenal results!

Extreme Tech Challenge

The Extreme Tech Challenge brings together targeted resources and world class advisors to help high-energy, wicked smart entrepreneurs that are executing on big ideas. We aim to “lower the friction to your success” by providing exposure and capital to accelerate scaling of your product with free infrastructure and other start-up booster from world class vendors.

The Ocean Gala

The Ocean Gala will hold its Second Annual Event on December 3, 2016 in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel.  The Ocean Gala is a fundraising event to support efforts in conservation and protection of the world’s ocean and its wildlife. Organized by MaiTai Global and OceanElders, these dedicated organizations strive to prevent further damage to the ocean. Their collaborative work to tackle critical issues with other ocean organizations have profoundly impacted efforts towards protection and conservation of the world’s ocean and its wildlife. Don’t miss MaiTai’s biggest event of the year, with keynote speaker Richard Branson and dancing to the music of DJ Alex Cruz.